david-the-aipom asked poke-ask-positive-thoughts:

I’m very shy whenever I try to ask somebody something, but love it whenever someone comes over and asks me anything… I see everybody as more intimidating, but when somebody more popular than myself follows me, I wonder if they feel the same… I wonder if I’m alone on this kind of matter.

I have to be honest with ya. I was very shy coming into the community. My cousin had me join and it was the best thing that ever happen to me! I made ton of friends and I never thought people will like my character! Even though I’m still kinda shy, I know I will still have a good time here! Everyone is so kind and nice and I love them all!

I love being able to play around with ideas with the friends I’ve met! I’ve found so many creative and supportive people since I’ve joined this community and it’s really helped me enjoy making art and comics!


Alright so,

well also hello everyone from this abrupt hiatus

Anyway, I was thinking,

Should we keep the rule: “Submissions/Confessions including someone’s URL or name will NOT be posted. It’s toxic and will not be tolerated. If it continues we might have to block you.”

because now being a positive ask blog, I don’t think we have to worry about that as much as before.

Although, we still don’t want things like

Oh man Jim is the coolest ask blog ever!

I love jim’s art!

I’m so happy for jim, he’s got very nice- yadda yadda

so yeah, should we abandon this rule?

askabuizel asked:

Sometimes, I wish that I had never made my ask blog because I feel as if I’m not social enough to run one. But then I remember the beautifully nice people that I did meet and all the fun I’ve had. And I just realize how greatful I am for y’all. I’ll try to not be so socially awkward/ have less social anxiety. Although that might take some time.

…I’m sorry

I couldn’t think of anything to do with the new years resolutions

I had one in mind.. but it was kind of dumb imo

and when I came up with it, I knew I didn’t have the time to do it

so, I’m sorry..

ask-lapisthepikachu asked:

when i first joined the ask community, i was nervous that i would be judged by how good my art is. i’ve learned over time that it is not the art that makes a good blog, but the artist. the mun, in other words.

I have come to realize I spend more time on my askblog than my personal. Which I think is a good thing. Maybe.

Here’s an idea! Send us your +positive+ new years resolutions!

This community made me miss the panty raid. AND IT WAS WORTH IT! X3